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February 2008 A release from Brain Ego

Rankin Baldhead’s alter ego, Brain Ego has released an album, there is a sample track on the Troon Bands section. Enjoy........................


Hot on the heels of their latest critically-aclaimed album, its been confirmed by sources close to the band that an all new 5 track EP has been completed and will be shipping "within a fortnight". Editions AKA spokesman Fel Doonegain elaborated that the EP contains an Indian-style sitar and guitar workout, 3 short electronic experiments, including a vitriolic anti-war effort and a re-recorded guitars + drums frenzy which was dropped from the original album sequence.
When asked why 2 discs have been released within such a short space of time, Doonegain explained that waiting for the Wipeout Squad " is like waiting for a bus - none comes along for ages and then 2 come at once ".
At time of writing its not expected that any more material shall be forthcoming this year (after all 3 releases in one year is enough for even the most die-hard fans) but you never know...

The first Wipeout Squad video !!!!!

Get it here wipeout video

The worlds of music and art collide in spectacular fashion as legendary reclusives The Wipeout Squad release their first ever video clip to accompany "The view from here", a track from their 2006 album. Those expecting candid shots of Mig Bong and Baldhead in bra and panties are in for a disappointment, but those who burnt their brains out at a far-too-early age will find endless thrills in what can only be described as a psychedelic trip, maan.


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