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About the Wipeout Squad

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What is the Wipeout Squad?

The Wipeout Squad is a musical collective, active since the mid 1980s, which continues to record to this day. Originally a four piece lineup, the group has expanded and contracted somewhat over the years but at its heart remain 3 of the 4 founding members - Mig Bong, Rankin Baldhead and The Guvnor. As a collective, there is no leader of the band as such, each member is free to pursue their own musical direction.

The early recordings were done in the time honored way of live takes recorded to tape. As the 80s progressed, multitracking and overdubbing became the norm, and as technology progressed so digital mastering and recording techniques replaced the old analogue forms.

The group retains an enigmatic low profile with regard to the mainstream record business, preferring to remain independent and in control of their own destiny rather than being sucked into the production-line mentality of show business.

If this sounds all very serious and pretentious, fear not, for in the words of one admirer,

" The Wipeout Squad
   is an aching feeling
   which feeds on your ego
   and captures your heart. "

Where are the Wipeout Squad from?

Originating in Troon, Scotland but now sited in various parts of the UK and the Netherlands. They produce music on the AKA label based in Den Haag, Netherlands.

What kind of music do they make?

Influences come from many genres including rock, blues, dub, ambient, electro.........................

Can I hear some Wipeout Squad sounds?

Sure, there are several MP3 tracks free to download on the Sounds page.

OK, I'm sold, how do I hear more?

The Wipeout Squad back catalog is huge dating back to the early 80's. The discography page is the best place to start, contact us via the feedback page for more information.