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This page is dedicated to other Troon origin musicians the Wipeout Squad know and love. These include solo artistes through to fully fledged rock bands. Many are long gone, some are still performing and recording. Listen to the free mp3, if you like what you hear, contact us and we can send you a list of what material is available commercially. Enjoy.................

Petriefied (AKA Petrified)

This top notch swamp rock blues band hit the local scene by storm in the mid nineties and had a huge following. Their short career included an open air performance at the Guinness in the Park festival 1995.

Take you out tonight

Gravedigger blues

Sexbeat (live)



Solo IDM album by the Guvnor. ‘I thought I would try my hand at dance music and this was the result. I don’t think it would be too out of place at the average rave’ says the Guvnor.

desert drive


The Champions

The Alan Petrie Experience

Recorded live in the Ayrshire hills, 3 former members of Petrified relive former glories over a nice cup of tea and a Caramel Log.

Ball and Chain

Brain Ego

Alter ego of Wipeout Squad vocalist Rankin Baldhead. ‘Electronic heaven’ said Q Magazine.

Wake up to a new society